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ACTV: This is a MUST HAVE download for your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. This is ALMOST unlimited Entertainment (All for Free) and accessed through a Global TV programming platform.

actvThis is one application that you seriously need in your life. Once you understand how and what this app allows you access too, you will want it, and you will want to spread the word.





Plus Gain Access to the following Networks through the ACTVE App:

  • Al Karma, Bloomberg, CBSN,
  • Classic Arts Showcase, Esperanza TV,
  • Florida Channel, Hope International Channel, Juce TV,
  • MiMusica, RT US,
  • TBN Salsa, Multimedios, Tuff TV,
  • Newmax TV, 3ABN Latino,
  • 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Kids, 3ABN International,
  • Vida Vision, God’s Learning Channel,
  • The University Channel, Temple TV, Texas Student TV,
  • The Catholic TV, CBN News, Hope Channel Church
  • KAZQ TV, Inspiration TV, Westerns 4U,
  • Spyder TV, Autoplay TV, Holy Oldys Classic TV,
  • Living Faith TV, Divine Vision TV, Al Karma North America,

Vast Access to Several TV Channels (all from the ACTV Application)

  • Al Hayat 2, Al Horreya TV, KAIT TV,
  • CMAC Public, KXRM TV-Fox 21,
  • Connecticut Network Webcast, Newington Community 14,
  • Newington Community 16, Wilmington TV 22, MGA TV,
  • WWSB-ABC 7, WTXL – ABC 27, WSB TV Atlanta,
  • Treasure Valley Community TV, KMVT 11,
  • Lake County TV, Urbana TV, KCRG-ABC 9,
  • KCAU TV-ABC 9, WWL TV-CBS 4, New Orleans TV,
  • VFVX-Fox 22, FCPS TV, The Government Channel,
  • HCAM TV Government, HCAM TV Public,
  • Haverhill 22 Community, Sudbury TV Public,
  • Uxbridge TV Government, WZZM-ABC 13, WLUC,
  • HDM TV, Bloomington Educational Cable, Minneapolis 79,
  • Park TV 14 Educational, ParkTV 16 On Location, O’Fallon TV,
  • St. Charles City Channel, 10 City TV, 80 City TV, White Plains Community TV,
  • Temecula TV, Dakota 2 Government Access, WHIO TV, Edmond Life TV,
  • WHBQ TV-Fox 13, Necat TV Music City Arts 9, Flower Mound TV,

This may be the Largest TV Access available, and all from the ACTV Application

  • Georgetown TV, HISD TV, ICTN 1, Irving School TV, Citizens Information TV,
  • CAT TV 15, CAT TV 16, Vermont Television Network, Cable Central,
  • Clark-Vancouver TV 21, Clark-Vancouver TV 23, Richland CityView TV,
  • KING TV, DC Council Channel, District Knowledge Network, WDJT TV,
  • EBN Television, Teladoracion Enlace, University of California TV, Heavy Metal TV,
  • The Shopping Channel, OutOfFocus TV,
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network, WJAX TV-CBS 47, Hillsong Channel,
  • TBN, My Life TV, Amazing Facts TV – AFTV, C-SPAN,
  • C-SPAN2, CSPAN3, CBN, Channel V, Create and Craft,
  • EWTN, Family Friendly Entertainment, France 24,
  • Harvest TV USA, HSN,
  • Jewelry TV, JLTV, Music Box, News 9,
  • News X, Newsmax TV US, QVC, QVC Plus,
  • Smart TV, Smile of a Child, Suvarna USA, The church channel,
  • TV 84, RT News, Mega TV, The Country Network, EVINS Live,
  • SonLife TV, 3ABN, 3ABN Dare to Dream, 3ABN Francais,
  • 3ABN Russian, Cornerstone Television, Hope Channel,
  • Northern Arizona University, The Southeastern TV, PGCPS TV,
  • Oakland University, NVCC TV, CBN Espanol, Hope Channel South America,
  • Bible Discovery TV, New Beginning TV, nPowered TV,
  • Gospel Music 4U, Black Contemporary TV, American Cooking TV,
  • Aliento Vision, Al Tarek TV, C-Sat, U Channel, Waay TV, Concord TV, (Oh there are More…)



And, the list continues (all here with the ACTV Application)

  • KFON TV, CMAC Education, CMAC Government, CMAC Government,
  • MIdpeninsula TV 27, KRON 4, CreaTV 15, CreaTV 28,
  • CreaTV 30, Temecula TV, Vallejo Community Access TV, GrassRoots TV,
  • Connecticut Network, Nutmeg TV, Nutmeg Government, Nutmeg Educational,
  • G-Media, City TV, Channel 77, Beach TV, Douglas County TV 23,
  • KITV-ABC 4, City Of Moscow TV, WGN TV, Lansing’s Neighborhood 4,
  • JCCC TV, KODE TV-ABC 12, Central Kentucky TV, CETV,
  • CCPS TV, MCPS TV, Andover TV Education, WHDH TV-7 News,
  • Fall River Community TV, Haverhill 99 Education, Haverhill 9 Government,

This is one Application that is Perfect Access to TV Content, Programming and Information.

The age of technology is rapidly growing, and the resources we have available to our fingertips is astounding. The ACTV Application is just another leap in technology that allows us to see and stay in touch globally.



  • Lawrence Community Access TV, Leominister Access TV, Sudbury TV Educational,
  • Uxbridge TV Education, North Metro TV, North Metro Public TV, Channel 12,
  • Lakeville Government TV, Minneapolis TV 16, Minneapolis TV 17, Park TV 15 Community,
  • Park TV 17 Civic, Park TV 96 Community, Helena Civic TV, MCAT 189,
  • MCAT 190, 5 City TV, Hamptons TV, WHOH TV, LMC TV Local,
  • LMC TV Municipal, LMC TV Import, Rye TV, News Channel 9,
  • Live Doppler 9, White Plains Government, New Hanover County TV,
  • Dakota 12 Community Access, Columbus TV, KOKI TV-Fox 23,
  • WPXI News, Home Town TV, Murfeesburo City TN, Necat TV iQTV 10,
  • Necat TV Access Nashville 19, City of Garland TV, Grand Prairie TV,
  • City News Channel, Mesquite TV, Rowlett TV, Channel 17,
  • CAT TV 17, WVIR TV-NBC 29, Heritage TV, KIRO TV,
  • District of Columbia Network, WUSA 9, WisconsinEye, WKBT TV,
  • WYOU TV, Channel 12 Sheridan, TeleCadena SBN,
  • CDM Internacional, Unico TV, France 24

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