PUREFLIX a great Faith filled site that has great Movies. the founder David A.R. White is known for several great movies. Although White was an associate producer. In the film End of the HarvestThe Moment After was the first film that White produced. White also played the role of Adam Riley in the film. He produced other films such as The VisitationThe Wager, and Hidden Secrets. In 2012, he produced the historical drama Apostle Peter and the Last Supper. starring Robert Loggia and Bruce Marchiano. In 2010, White started directing films. His first film was The Encounter, about four strangers stranded at a diner being served by the owner, who claims he is Jesus, which starred Bruce Marchiano, Jaci Velasquez, and pro wrestler Steve “Sting” Borden.


His second film was Holyman Undercover which starred David himself and Fred Willard. In the year 2016, he produced God’s Not Dead 2. He is now producing God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.

David A.R. White and his Bride Have a very loving relationship that glows… on the screen or off the screen. Good Morals and Values which is almost unheard of today something that the world is lacks today. It is refreshing to have the choice to break away from all the junk out there in the world. you and your  family can sit down watch great wholesome movies with true life substance.


Movies that make you think and Really get you into what the movies are saying overall that make you really feel great.

you can download movies. build up your movie library. that will be accessible at anytime. the selection is really great.all great movies to select from.

So go ahead and check them out you won’t be sorry. and you’ll want too bookmark this page so that you can return anytime you like over and over.



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