chocolate dark chocolate is a page dedicated to and all kinds of goodies.

I have always been a lover of this sweetness since childhood to be exact.

now it’s still on my menu in different ways.

chocolate is Awesome

I have a friend that is a chocolate lover as well, that was telling me about his idea of Heaven.

sweetness here it is Merlot wine and Dark Chocolate which sounded crazy too me.

So I had to try it out for myself curiosity got the best of me.

Well he was absolutely right it was good. and yes I will try it again. It is Amazing though it sounds crazy.

I found this video of someone that knows about the pairing,of Merlot and Dark Chocolate.

the way I did it was a bit different I had a whole bar too much… instead of taking a small piece like the lady did in the video.

I really don’t know who came up with this Idea, they should be given an award.

it is absolutely delicious I found a new favorite treat. who would have thunk. WoW really good.

the chocolate here is great and comes in all types and flavors. so if you’re a lover of this sweet delight like me this is the place for chocolate dark chocolate. Like Russell Stovers here

give it a look see and you’ll be able to satisfy that sweet tooth craving when it arises.There’s even sugar free for our diabetic friends that can’t have sugar.chocolate

gourmet chocolates  that are hard to find in the stores delivered to your door.

ZChocolate here

what a concept thanks to the ever growing internet you can have anything you want delivered in a matter of days straight to your house it’s like taking a trip and never leaving the farm Awesome!

Fine wine Here

you’ll want every lover of this sweet treasure to know where to check out the site. so go ahead and tell where you found us and remember we’re always adding new Items.