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Here are the 3 Steps of Evolution in the World of Travel.

Decentralized-travel takes us into the future, in Step 3 of the Evolution.

With XCELTRIP we see the final step.

Remove layers of administration and overhead to the users and suppliers both are more profitable and better prices.


Before there was the Internet,

Travel was done through travel agents, or by a call into a phone bank of representatives.

Larger costs with administration and far more time consuming and frustrating to the Consumer.

While many have forgotten these days, or were born after these struggles, along came the Internet.

started progression into Step 2.Deep discounted flights hotels rentals plus.

deep discountedEnter in the age of the Internet.

By the late 1990’s online travel was available and thriving.

Companies like Priceline, Expedia, Cheap Flights, and a myriad (countless) competitors.

Deep Discounts on Hotels.

Entered the space of Online Travel and Online Travel Solutions.

This eliminated administration and created multiple databases.

These databases are connected and linked up to make the travel resources available online.

While it is a leap from the struggles in STEP 1, it still has layers of administration and broker and middlemen costs.

Some of the Issues. Decentralized-travel is eliminating that.

Centralized Databases all Over.

Creating corruption, technical issues, errors and effecting the consumers with delays.

Issues, over bookings and countless and constant issues.

Deep Discounts on Car Rentals.

Middlemen costs and slimmer profits for the Vendor.

Costs of databases, security, and countless procedures take place.

Lack of efficiencies create costs that cross over to the Consumer and the Vendor.

xceltripdeep discountedThrough the future vision and understanding of Blockchain, XCELTRIPbrings us into the future.

The Broker/Dealers and added fees of what is in Step 2 of the evolution being eliminated.

This creates a better travel experience. Just some of the key points of advancement:

All human errors Eliminated by deploying blockchain technologies.

Accurate and precise information on Travel Resources, availability increased, and so much more.

Eliminated overhead makes AI trends and travel needs now better anticipated and efficiencies at all levels of operation.

Thank you Blockchain.

Results with huge savings in the costs for both the Vendor and the Consumer.

This provides efficiencies making the entire Travel experience affordable and more profitable for the vendors.

An amazing win win situation, and technology provides endless Decentralized-travel solutions to the Travel Industry.

All this through XcelTrip.

Xceltrip is not just a full service Online Travel platform but a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”:

deep discountedIt is built to change the way you travel today and into the future.

XcelTrip is not only a single stop travel service provider.

they are your 24/7/365 partner with innovative ideas.

fulfill all your travel needs at a lowest possible cost.

Their vision is to make travel services decentralized.

Empower Travel Partners, like Hotels and consumers.

Pass down the savings from middlemen to our partners.

Their committed to make travel experience seamless. fun and cost efficient.

Not only awesome benefits of being personalized and secured.

They use Blockchain in the most sensitive and challenging areas.

the most secured technology to safeguard your information.

Create mobile app to provide travelers value services far beyond than our competitors. 


  • Hotels 
  • Flight 
  • Experiential Holiday Packages
  • Social Travel Experiences, etc


  • Access over a million rooms at best properties and Best Rates
  • Get world-class Service and access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations.
  • Get help from online XcelTrip manager for your specific travel needs.
  • Use our mobile app and get decentralize-travel lot more than just booking hotel and airline ticket.


  • We offer the best deep discounts to travelers and lowest booking fee for vendors through decentralized-travel.
  • Our system is built on the blockchain cryptic ledger, most trusted technology for data security.
  • The Xceltrip business is based on the distributed economic model.
  • Each business partner gets direct earnings. of the economic pie.
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 XcelTrip is committed to spend  part of Its net income to the global charitable cause through XcelTrip Foundation.