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The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint. By purchasing silver, gold and copper directly from the mint, you’re enabled to cut-out the middle-man, saving money and time. Our high-volume production allows us to provide customers with the most competitive pricing and fastest deliveries in the industry. We provide a turn-key solution to all your minting and investment needs.

We have been in the business of precious metals, minting and refining for 40 years. Golden State Mint is ready to meet all your minting needs, and provide total reliability and confidence. All Golden State Mint silver, gold, and copper products are brand new and ship directly from the Golden State Mint. We DO NOT sell secondary market (second-hand) GSM items which have been in public circulation. Know the source of your mint fresh bars, coins and rounds. Our products are minted and shipped every day, providing fast service and excellent pricing. Shop now in our secure online store

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